Saturday, March 28, 2009

February Monthly Fix Pics

Have a look at what our February Monthly Fix brought to climber's doorsteps...

Level 1 $39
Fins Large 01 (5 holds)

Level 2 $59
Fins XL 01 (5 holds)

Level 3 $99
Fins Large 01
Fins XL 01 (total 10 holds)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All Kreases Line!

Finals problem at the SCS local @ Peak Experiences!

Volumes by: Brent Quesenberry
Photo and editing by: Kelly Starke
Climber: Nick Smith

Explore the Kreases Line!


A Project sponsored video by Louder Than 11. Filmed and produced by Jordan Shipman.

Lilly Boulders from Jordan Shipman on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Behind Project

A special look into the best climbing holds on the market!

LT11 Presents Project Holds from Jordan Shipman on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Session at Robert's Barn

4 days of rain in the forecast. Some rock climbing has to get done.
Rendezvous at Robert's Barn for a session of thunderous proportions!

Robert, Dave, Chad, Jim and I all arrived at Robert's Barn on a mission to get some cranking done. Crank up the kerosene heater and crank down some new holds! There are tons of problems in this crazy home gym. Enough to get your forearms so tired you can't even turn a doorknob.
Here's a highlight of some our new holds:

Squid: This hold offers new options every way that you turn it. It's almost like a harder version of the Hurricane. Each side has slopers and one includes a jug. There are already plans to shape a sister version of the Squid with slopers that are even harder to deal with! I can't wait to see that creation. Shaped by Jim Horton.

Kreases 2XL2: Big holds with crimpers on them? Who would have thought? These holds improve your accuracy for sure! Shaped by Louie Anderson.

The Drop: This is our newest feature to the hold line. Friksn helped sponsor this hold. You can find their logo as well as ours on this beast! Matches galore! This beautiful hold shows off its curves when you grab it. Recommended for 30 degree or less walls. It will be hitting the website soon. Shaped by Jim Horton.
Trojan (Shellshocked 7XL3): Can't afford a plane ticket to Font? Me neither. Solution...Anything from our Shellshocked line. It is by far the largest portion of our hold line and has some incredibly original shapes. This hold is massive and offers lots of options. Very good comp hold because there are hidden sweet spots. Shaped by Louie Anderson.

Mutations XL: I can't say enough about how well these climb. They are all comfortable and matchable. Great for any angle. They feature tons of dimples and places to fit your meat hooks. Plus they have no sharp edges, so you can train for hours with no pain on your tendons. Get a set for your home wall! Shaped by Jim Horton.

Special Thanks to Chad Safferstone for the photos and Robert Semple for the wall!